Kitty Kathstone is a fantasy-mystery drama rooted in mythology, captured in

three seasons. Dealing with mythology from all around the world, a wide range

of characters, and a general core conflict, valid in all cultures, the show is

designed to address a wide audience of ages and demographics.

Set in our own world, exploring the mythological realm and its ancient

creatures hidden in the midst of our world. Some of them fulfill a special duty

to all living kinds: guarding the stones of the seven virtues and seven deadly

sins, to preserve the fragile equilibrium of this world –although in power it's

not always easy to keep balance, because one day you may get corrupted by

your own ego.

Inspired by the fantasy and adventure-classics of the ‘80s and early ‘90s that

gave us gripping, sometimes deeply terrifying moments, by entering sinister

matters. Providing us with a journey from the known to the unknown, while

capturing important aspects of human experience, reflecting the struggle with

the darkness of human condition – something you particularly encounter

when entering adulthood.

A show giving you wonder and fear while immersing a strange new world –

sinister, enchanting, mysterious. Inhabited by the most ancient creatures and

something dark lurking in the shadows over thousands of years, awaiting us

and the mythological community, ready to strike.

A daring, cinematic, funny, and gripping adventure straight into adulthood,

rooted in character, only survived by friendship, which comes along with tears

and laughter, a grain of philosophy, and a deep love for cinema and myth.


Everybody loves myths, as “The Power of Myth” – one of the most popular

series in the history of American public television – shows. In 1988, it was

Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers that made people sit glued to their

televisions, to participate in their six-hour conversation about myth.

"The Power of Myth" roots in the fact to be a guide to the human race,

teaching common lessons, helping to balance the outside world with the

inside world.

The word mythology means nothing else than the spoken story of people,

stories with basic patterns and common truth. And so, with every creation

myth in our world, each starting with dualism, there comes along the question

of balance.

In order to understand and appreciate the good, we must experience the bad.

But in the end, we only achieve real awareness by following the middle way.

And even if everything is based on good intentions in the beginning, it will be

lost, as soon as the middle way is left – imbalance being a supreme matter to

all of us – an issue now maybe more important than ever.

And that's exactly where we meet the backbone of our show, the main theme

balance mirrored in the story-arc, in each character's arc, even of our

sidekicks, the whole mythological community itself and its world. Our

protagonist and antagonist experience this on the scope of love and hate, in

the very end demanding a decision, that lies between revenge and forgiveness

– compassion.

Often forgotten that our culture inherited quite a lot from Sumerian

mythology, our story will have its roots there, reaching up to today, giving us

a cutting-edge show, by entering the realm of mythology, filled with stunning

creatures from all around the globe, while experiencing a tragic mystery

around love, despair, hate, and revenge, nearly taking the world off its hinges

by the threat of imbalance.


We enter the story by drifting through absolute darkness, whispering voices,

slowly encountering schemes, a scream of despair breaking through. The gentle

voice of narrator SIR LARRY warns of the upcoming events, introducing us to

the roots of this story: PAIN and INJUSTICE. Continuing in the present at the

stormy nightfall of All Hallows' Eve in a town called Little's Law, we meet

troublemaker KITTY KATHSTONE, black-eyed, in front of the headmaster's

office waiting for her mom EMILIA to pick her up. Both are on their own, as

her father JAMES recently vanished on an archaeological expedition into thin

air. And in this very night, the night of her fifteenth birthday, everything should

change for Kitty. Her rakish grandmother VICTORIA, a rare visitor, turns up,

revealing to the very discomfort of Emilia that the family’s maternal line

originates from WERECATS, fulfilling quite a special duty, confronting Kitty

with the fact that she will attend C.O.G. (Central Organization of Guardians)

from now on. Soon Kitty will learn that THE GUARDIANS balance the SEVEN

CARDINAL VIRTUES and SEVEN DEADLY SINS with the help of special

stones, to preserve the fragile equilibrium of our world.

So the next day Kitty finds herself surrounded by life-threatening GORGONS,

bold (sometimes pretzel-addict) VALKYRIES, earth-shaking GIANTS, breathtaking

JAPANESE UNICORNS, and many more eye-stunning

MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES from all around the globe, an unknown realm

hidden in the midst of our world. Not only finding new friends there, like hypernervous,

shapeshifter NORA NEEDLE, but also coming upon her family's

enemies, the LYKANS. And while she dives deeper and deeper into this mystical

world, encountering its habits and rules, educated by quite peculiar teachers (a

JAPANESE FOX-GHOST, a choleric JINN, a wise ICE-DRAGON, a militant

CENTAUR, and the dead-born WATCHMEN of the guardians), she soon finds

herself on a track that leads her straight into a DARK FAMILY SECRET – a

MYSTERIOUS VILLAIN awaiting her, developing a devilish plan over

thousands of years, now ready to strike. And while Victoria and ARMAND try

to get things back under control, by outplaying their opponents and holding the

COUNCIL at bay, the kids get in the line of fire, soon finding themselves on a

breath-taking journey – a race against destiny itself, which navigates them

around the world, not only finding their ordeals in the mythological realm, the

outside world, but also their inside world – as coming of age is never an easy



Over the course of the show, we will witness outstanding creatures and places


who is a spitting poser, or a two-headed NAGA (SNAKE) in an existential crisis,

that guards the gates of the biggest black market, the GHOST-TOWN KHARA

KOTO located in Desert Gobi. There we’ll meet the OLDEST JINN in the world,

AISHA QUANDISHA, the owner of the market and someone you’d better not

trust. Moreover, we’ll witness a fight with ancient MUSHUSSU, coming to live

at the PERGAMONMUSEUM in BERLIN, alongside finding LYSANDER, the

forbidden son of a Watchman, who turns out to be Kitty's counterpart. Or

watching Nora Needle, while nearly freezing like a popsicle in YAKUTSK (the

coldest city of the world), after taking a ride on the ORIENT–EXPRESS,

accompanied by the NORNS and THE EYE – just to meet a giant white SNAKE


(FURY) still breathes down their necks.

But apart from all these story-driven elements, we will also take a closer look

at the inward journey of our characters.

A heartbroken KITTY changes from an oriental short hair into a white tiger

and so nearly gets burned to ashes, rescuing herself by admitting her love to

someone quite unexpected – LYSANDER. Or Nora Needle’s desperate

OPERATION VENUS, including an extra portion of pheromones, to finally win

over ALEXANDER'S heart – her long-time crush, an unwanted child, who

learns with the help of Nora that his self-worth must not be defined by his


Furthermore, featuring the nail-art obsessed MERMAID ANGUANA, who

paints Botticelli's “The Birth of Venus” on Nora's toenails, while MAGNUS

(CENTAUR) flexes his muscles to win Anguana's attention. And HILDEGARD

(VALKERY) receives her Valkyrie's voice, taking over responsibility for the

fallen – a heavy burden – nonetheless she celebrates her VALKYRIE'S SWEET

SIXTEEN, a party, which will rock the house and Flammenbart's nerves.

VICTORIA confesses her feelings to her long-time lover ARMAND, who gives

up his immortality for her and there’s still more to come.

More contemplative moments await us during GLACIE's (ICE-DRAGON)

philosophical ethics lessons, taking place in the C.O.G.'s enchanting garden,

learning that you have to follow your inner bliss. Or by meeting sensei

KITSUNE (JAPANESE FOX-GHOST) in her sinister chamber – never

answering, always asking, as awareness fosters improvement.

The real dark matters of the show will be mainly centered around SIR LARRY

(cursed narrator), VILLARD (narrator's cursed companion), INANNA



(caretaker/DWARF), FUNKELSTEIN (house-mother/DWARF) etc. – shortly

said "the Grown Ups" will lead us through the sinister course of the story;

therefore, we’ll visit the 19th century and look back into Sumerian times,

conjuring the moments that evoke our story.

During their journey, all characters reach the core of the matter,

acknowledging that Kitty's family history may not only have a potent effect on

their lives, but on the whole mythological realm itself – a world nowadays

mainly ruled by lust for power, greed, and envy, divided in itself – its original

duties long forgotten, losing balance more and more every day, thanks to the

self-centeredness of each tribe, forgetting that all things are connected in one

or another way – mirroring our own world.

A story, rich in character and conflict, catalyzed by a hushed-up, forgotten

destiny – a sin, nearly as old as the first letters written, now taking the world

off its hinges, supervised by the chain-smoking NORNS and their EYE ,

keeping things foggy, until time has come to reveal a heart-breaking and

upsetting tragedy around love, loss, despair, hate, revenge, and compassion,

stretching over centuries, taking place in the mysterious realm of mythology.

KITTY and LYSANDER being the key to salvation and therefore restoring the

world's balance – history repeating itself, but this time put into the hands of

the next generation, bringing it to an end by hopefully making a better